As part of the program's spring semester, all students attend internships weekly at local organizations including NGOs, news agencies, television networks, university departments, among others. Students of the 2016-17 Capstone Program are interning at the following organizations: 

  • Specialized Regional Court of Almaty
  • Studio 7 (music studio)
  • 365 Analytical Web News Portal
  • Kazakhstani Fund for Cultural, Social and Educational Development
  • Central State Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Business and Power Newspaper (Isker Media)
  • Institute of Biology and Biotechnology
  • TOO Right Words Consulting (translation, language courses, education abroad)


Students of the 2015-16 Capstone Program participated in internships at the following organizations: 

  • Department of International Cooperation at KazNU
  • Altyn Alma - distribution company
  • A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts
  • Television Channel “Almaty” 
  • Colibri Kazakhstan Law Firm - specializes in corporate law
  • Eco Taxi Call Center
  • Central State Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • MEGAzine - monthly business/financial magazine)
  • School 116 - local high school 
  • KIMEP Linguistics Center 
  • Cardiology Center
  • Kazkommertsbank
  • Television Channel “NTK Review-Breaking News”
  • Uranium One Inc.
  • Art Cafe Artique
  • ARDI Center for Children with Autism and Asyl Miras Autism Center 
  • SOE Records Studio
  • Business and Power Newspaper 
  • 365 Analytical Web News Portal


Students of the 2014-15 Capstone Program interned at the following organizations/sites:

  • Uranium One Inc.
  • 365 Analytical Web News Portal
  • Colliers International (realtor firm)
  • Association of Crisis Prevention Centers in Kazakhstan
  • Business Kazakhstan Newspaper
  • Kazakhstan Press Club
  • Business and Power Newspaper
  • Caspian University, Architecture Department
  • Damu Entrepreneurship Development - Fund JSC (Damu Fund)
  • Zanger Law Firm
  • Research Assistant to Prof. A. Azamatova
  • TV station Business TV
  • A. Baitursynov Institute of Linguistics
  • KazNU Science Library
  • Baruzhan Charity
  • Faculty of Philology, Literary Studies and World Languages at KazNU
  • Faculty of Economics at KazNU


Below are several student testimonials about their internship experience in Almaty:

“So far my internship has been an extremely rewarding experience. I have the opportunity to sit in and actively participate in contract negotiations, perform research, and learn more about how real estate markets operate in CIS countries. I am extremely pleased with my experiences and excited to continue my internship as the semester progresses.”

“I'm currently interning at an organization that is a new addition to the Kazakhstan internet news scene and reports on all aspects of life in Kazakhstan and beyond including politics, economics, cultural happenings, and local celebrations/events. So far, my duties have included producing a "behind the scenes" digital short on how news spots are filmed, attending a meeting in the capacity of a translator, attending a soiree with other local journalists, connecting with an American reporter to set up an interview with him (which I will conduct and then translate into Russian), and translating miscellaneous documents and reports from Russian to English.”

"I had to teach an entire lesson on Wednesday with no prep and no textbook. Not only was I able to remember the material, but then I was able to explain it to my students as well. Without my notes, I was left to speak about the topic using simply my own words and had to think on my feet."

"Today my domestic directors came to the museum to see what I do at my internship. When my boss and I were telling them about what I've accomplished so far, I suddenly realized that I've actually done a lot: tv and radio interviews, working with journalists, translating everything on the website and now the museum's audio guide. I felt proud and at the same time extremely grateful to my boss for the opportunity to work at the museum."

"As I write every week, I'm continuing to get better at reading handwritten documents. Today I read Soviet reports about seizing houses during the construction of a railroad in Kazakhstan in the late 50s. I was quite amazed at how carefully they documented their seizures. Still, aside from the historical interest, practice at reading handwritten documents is the most valuable thing."

"Sitting in a TV studio, across from a diplomat, with an audience of more officials from two countries, several prominent journalists, and a whole office full of colleagues - was an incredible, however very stressful experience. I could not have ever imagined I'd be interviewing diplomats for the news, much less in a foreign language."