Overseas Curriculum

The Russian Overseas Flagship curriculum includes the following formal components: 

  • Dedicated language courses for Flagship students (phonetics, conversation, grammar, reading, writing, mass media, intercultural communication)

  • Independent Research Project

  • Special (direct enrollment) course in a student’s major at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

  • Internship at local Almaty organization (arranged by American Councils) 

  • Individual language instruction with tutors

  • Bi-weekly excursions

  • Optional Elementary Kazakh language lessons (twice a week)

The weekly structure for Fall and Spring Semesters differs slightly. During Fall Semester, for Flagship language courses, students are placed into small groups (ranging from 3-5 students) and meet for up to 5 hours/day Monday-Thursday. Students participate in a course dedicated to their independent research project on Fridays, while bi-weekly cultural excursions around Almaty also occur on Fridays. Students also work with individual tutors at the university an hour/day Monday-Thursday, during which they can go over homework, class material, or work on any issues they may be encountering. Additionally, students attend lectures/seminars for their specialization course at KazNU.

During Spring Semester, students still meet for Flagship language classes and individual tutoring four days/week, but Wednesdays are dedicated for students to participate in an unpaid internship at a local organization. Students are expected to work a full day on Wednesday and must submit a weekly online internship report about their experience. All internships must be arranged through American Councils.